Which children’s health centres can I go to?

In some parts of the country, parents are finding out that their childrens’ health centres are no longer able to take them to the doctor or hospital, or to give them the required vaccinations.

“We are getting a lot of calls from parents who are asking if they can get their children to their GP, to get a shot, or if they need a vaccine,” Dr Sarah Stacey, a pediatrician at St John’s Hospital, said.

It is not known how many children have been removed from the centres in NSW and Victoria since the outbreak began. “

I think it is important for parents to know that the centres that have stopped accepting children under five as of tomorrow have been able to accept them for the foreseeable future, so they should continue to do so.”

It is not known how many children have been removed from the centres in NSW and Victoria since the outbreak began.

In Western Australia, where a major measles outbreak began, health authorities have admitted that they are not fully aware of the numbers of children in the centres.

Dr Stacey said that the WA Health Department had been contacted by families who were unsure whether their children had been placed in a children’s home, and asked if it was possible for them to get an appointment to be taken to a health centre.

“If a child is under five, we do need to ask about the age that they were born,” Dr Stacys said.

”There is no specific information that would tell us exactly how many young children are there in a community centre, or what age that child was born.

“But I can tell you that the majority of people who come to us are in their early 20s or 30s, so we are well aware of what the numbers are and what the number is at each of the centres.”

In Queensland, the Queensland Department of Health confirmed that it had taken in 3,744 children in 2016-17, but said that it could not confirm how many were placed in children’s homes.

“Qld Health has been informed that there are currently 1,907 children in a residential home or care home in Queensland and that 1,619 of those are aged under five,” Queensland Department Health spokeswoman Jessica McEwen said.

Queensland Health has also confirmed that there were approximately 4,400 children in one of its centres in Brisbane.

“These are just some of the things we know about what has been happening in these centres,” Ms McEwens said.