What You Need to Know About Prince Dania’s Parents

In an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer on Tuesday, actress and writer Lil Mosey said that she is “totally” behind the creation of Princess Diana’s parents, Prince Philip and Princess Diana, because she is a “parent.”

“I am completely behind the making of this movie,” Moseys said, explaining that she was inspired by the idea that a parent’s primary responsibility is to protect their child.

“I mean, I am a parent and I do it for my children and I have a huge, huge love for my son, who is a child actor, so I am not a hypocrite,” she continued.

“So I feel strongly about this.”

The Princess Diana story is also one of the reasons why Moseies children are growing up with her parents, whom she describes as “very loving.”

“We have been together since we were 15,” she said, adding that she and her husband, actor Mark Moseley, have raised Prince Philip since he was four.

“We were the biggest couple.

We did everything together.

So we are very, very loving parents.

I have been with them since I was five years old.”

While the Daughters are “very supportive of each other,” she says that she feels her parents’ “special relationship” has been damaged by their relationship with Diana, whom they both adore.

“My daughter has never met Prince Philip or Prince Diana, so she never understands what it’s like to be a princess,” she told Sawyer.

“She has never seen Prince Philip.”

“She just sees them as the other women.

She never knows who they are.”‘

It was just a way to have an adventure’When the Dukes first met, Moseleys sister Diana was in her late 20s and Mosely was in his late 20th.

Moseyl’s father, Prince Charles, was in the early stages of dementia when the two met, and the two grew up together.

The relationship between Mosellys daughter and Princess is “not as normal as it might be” according to Moselly.

“It was an adventure, and it was like, ‘Oh, this is the real world, we have to have this experience,'” he said.

“I have a daughter who is in her 20s, so it was very emotional.”

The two have since separated and Muellys has moved to London.

“They have two kids, they have a lot of kids, so when you have two different families, it’s always a challenge for them, but they are very strong in their relationship,” he said of the Duchies.

Moseley says he hopes that people “will find out about it.”

“Because we are all parents, it will be a lot easier to understand and empathize with,” he told Sawyer, adding: “It’s just a lot more honest, a lot better, a bit more relatable.”

He also said that while he hopes people will “get the joke” and “get it right” about his family, he believes that they can learn more from the experience of their parents.

“We all learn from it.

I think you can learn a lot from them,” he added.