Michael Jordan’s Parents Are Taking Over Parents Portal

Michael Jordan has had a rough few months in the US and has now turned to parents to help him overcome the issues he is facing.

According to Jordan’s former parents, the star has been trying to get help for more than a year and recently began to speak about his struggles with depression, anxiety, and even mental health issues.

Jordan’s parents told him to reach out to his former teachers, who they believe helped him with his issues, and told him his parents would help him find help through their Parents Portal, a website Jordan’s father founded and runs.

On Tuesday, the portal will officially launch with a new page on which he will have a new look and a more personal touch.

It is the first time a parent portal has officially launched in the United States, and it is a significant step forward for parents who have struggled with Jordan’s issues.

According the portal, “Parents Portal is a website designed to connect parents and their children in an effort to understand, support, and prevent the negative effects of childhood and adolescence.”

It will feature a variety of content, including tips and advice from experts and information on parenting, sports, health, and parenting related topics.

“This site will help you navigate through your own personal journey, and give you the knowledge and skills you need to overcome these challenging times,” the portal says.

Jordan also plans to launch a page on the portal called “The Jordan Foundation” that will help raise money for his foundation.

“Michael Jordan’s foundation has raised more than $100 million to help children around the world and support the efforts of Michael’s many amazing and dedicated friends,” the foundation’s website reads.

“In addition to the support of his family, his foundation has also been instrumental in helping countless other children and their families with a wide variety of issues.”

According to the parents, Jordan’s parents have told him the portal could be his “way out” from depression.

“My family and I have been working tirelessly to get him some help,” said Jordan’s mother, Barbara Jordan.

“And so far, it seems like he’s finally reaching out to help himself.”

“This portal will allow him to take a deep breath and get his head down and get through it.

It will also be a wonderful outlet to show the world how much support his parents and I had during the toughest time in our lives,” the parents added.