Jordan family gets $4 million to support parents of NBA stars

Chadwick Boseman, Josh Carter, and his parents are getting a $4.5 million grant to help them care for their children after Jordan broke his leg in a car accident last summer.

The Grant Foundation is supporting parents of the three NBA players who were injured in a collision with a truck on June 17.

The Jordan family received the grant in March and is expected to receive more money later this month.

Jordan and the family are expected to be able to travel and spend time with their children and their grandparents.

Jordan, who is recovering from his injuries, will remain in his home for the time being.

Jordan’s injury has made the news and caused controversy for a number of sports.

Some players and fans have criticized Jordan’s family for the attention given to their injuries and for spending the first few months of his rehabilitation in an apartment.

Boseman is expected back in the NBA by the end of the year.

The Carter family is expected be back in a couple of months.