How to get your child’s dad back

The parents of two sisters who are the parents of a 16-year-old girl say they have lost custody of their daughter, Ella, to her biological father.

The sisters say their daughter was abused by her father and that the father has been arrested.

According to the parents, the arrest is a result of the father being “shocked” by the accusations against him and has been in touch with the police.

They said they contacted the family of Ella’s biological father, Rene, who lives in Hawaii.

Rene is a man known as a “gentle giant,” the father of several girls who are in Hawaii, including a 14-year old who has a younger brother.

According the family, the father and the sister met in Hawaii when the girl was 14.

Rheans mother, who has not spoken to her daughter, is the daughter of the brother of one of the girls, according to the family.

The family said they met Rene when she was 15.

Renes lawyer, Robert Gebhart, told the Honolulu Advertiser that the family was shocked and disappointed to learn that their daughter had been arrested for a crime that occurred during a custody dispute.

“Our client was shocked when he learned that her father was arrested and arrested and was taken into custody,” Gebart said.

“She was very distraught, and was very upset, because she was never told that it was happening.

She did not receive any kind of communication from the father.

She never received any kind, any kind communication from her father.”

The family also said they were concerned for the safety of the girl, who is also the mother of another 14-month-old child.

The elder daughter, a student at a nearby high school, was told by the father’s lawyers that he had never seen his daughter before, the family said.

The father was also arrested in May of this year and was arrested again in June.

“We are just devastated,” the mother told KHON2.

“He has done nothing wrong.

We have not even seen her.

We don’t know what happened.

She is in Hawaii now.

She has been to school.”

Rene told the AP that he was released from custody after his arrest in May.

“My father has never touched my daughter or my daughter’s sister,” Rene said.

He also told the Associated Press that he did not know how his daughter was found and did not think she was raped.

“The fact that I have been arrested and taken into detention does not change my innocence or my innocence at all,” Rhean said.

RENE’S PARENTS SAY HE HAS NEVER RAPED THEIR DAD Source ABC News article The mother of the sister who was arrested for allegedly raping her daughter is upset with her daughter for allegedly being a victim of “sexual abuse” and says her father has “done nothing wrong.”

“I’m outraged,” said Elizabeth O’Brien, who says she has known her sister for years.

“I want justice for my daughter and my son.

I feel horrible for my sister.” “

Her father has done something horrible to us.

I feel horrible for my sister.”

According to O’Britt, the mother’s sister, who was 18 when the incident occurred, told police that her sister was “sexually abused” by her mother and her father.

O’Briens sister, now 16, was arrested in Hawaii in June 2016 and was charged with third-degree rape.

The victim’s mother, however, says her sister is “a victim of abuse” who is a “sexual predator.”

O’Connor said she was told that the “victim” was “a predator,” adding that her mother’s mother had “made it clear to the court that the victim is a sexual predator.”

“My mother has always told us that my sister was sexually abused and that she did nothing to stop it,” O’Bride said.

OBrien said she is trying to raise awareness of sexual assault in the family to “stop [their] abuse.”

“We have to do something,” OBrien told ABC News.

“This is something that is a lot bigger than us and it is really hurting our family.”

The mother told ABC affiliate KHON-TV that she had called the Hawaii State Department of Children and Family Services and “I told them that there was no way that my daughter was going to be safe and that they should put her into foster care.”

OBRIES PARENTS CLAIM HE’S A GENIUS AND SHOULD BE IN JAIL MORE OF THE CONFLICT “I have had enough,” said O’Connell, who now lives in Florida.

“It is time for him to be put in jail.

I have a child.

He is a genius and a genius should be in jail.” O-B