Elon Musk’s parents raised their kids on a wild ride in a helicopter

Elon Musk, CEO of the world’s biggest technology company, Tesla, has a young daughter.

But the son of billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Musk and the late wife of one of his employees, Mary Barra, was raised by his stepfather and his grandparents, according to an interview published Monday in the New York Times.

Musk’s mother, Mary, raised her three daughters on a private ranch in the Nevada desert, the Times reported.

The Times added that Peter Musk has never disclosed the details of his parenting style.

Mary Barresons first child was born in 1991, the newspaper said.

Her daughter, Grace, was born just three years later.

Musk was married to Mary Barrera for 18 years before she died in 2012, according a profile in the Times.

She was the daughter of billionaire industrialist J.B. Barra and the wife of aerospace magnate Robert Barra.

He died in 2001.

Peter Musk’s stepfather is not named in the article.

Peter Barra was also a member of the board of directors of the aerospace giant SpaceX, which is now valued at $5 billion.

Musk and Barra have been married for about 15 years.