Why I’ve been watching your TV ads for over a year and a half

Parents are now being urged to watch more of their children’s TV ads to keep them entertained, with many now recommending to turn off the TV ad filters and instead see what’s coming their way on the site.

According to a report by TechCrunch, more than 1.4 million parents are now turning on parental advisory, a tool which alerts users when their children are watching an advertisement.

Users can now see how the ads are shaping up on the web, with some of the most popular ad groups featuring ads from Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber and more.

While the ad groups have all been added in the last few months, TechCrunch’s report notes that the trend has been accelerating in recent months.

The news outlet also noted that the average TV ad viewing time has increased over the past year from 3.5 minutes per day to 4 minutes per hour, which has made it one of the top three TV ad watch time-spans on the Web.

The average time spent watching an ad has increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds per day.

Some parents are also finding themselves turning off the filters entirely.

According to the report, more people are turning off parental advisory than ever before.

In 2016, just over 1.5 million parents reported that they were turning off filters, with 1.7 million opting to remove them completely.

TechCrunch also noted a number of recent changes to how the filter works.

For example, the ad group ads now appear in a smaller font and appear in an orange background rather than a blue background.

Parents can now choose to filter only the ads from those with the highest rating, while others can only filter ads from companies with positive reviews.

However, TechTrends report also noted some of those filters were also removed by the advertisers themselves.

TechTrend also notes that it’s unclear how many parents are still using the filters and how many of them are actually keeping their kids entertained.

The ad groups that have been removed include: The Disney Family Channel, SkydTV, Disney Junior, Fox Family, YouTube and Amazon.

TechCrunch reported that more than 10 million people have now turned off filters on the TV advertising sites and apps, with the site saying that they’ve also seen a number people opting out of the TV ads altogether.