Parents who push for positive parenting in RUSSELL WILLSON’s life

By SINGH SINGH The parents of RUSSSON WILLSON are pushing him to have more positive parenting.

Their son has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a rare and potentially debilitating form of autism spectrum disorder, but they say he has been too happy and outgoing to be bullied.

“I’ve been told he is a wonderful, wonderful person.

But he’s been bullied.

I don’t think he is capable of being bullied,” said Tanya Williams.RUSSSSON WAS IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM BEFORE HE BECAME A PARENTThe family have tried every method to change his behaviour, including therapy, medication and counselling.

They also have tried the courts to remove him from his parents’ care.

But their attempts have been unsuccessful.

Their daughter, Tanya, has told ABC News he has never been able to interact with others.

She said it was a difficult time for RUSSSON and the family.

“When he came home he was completely withdrawn.

It was difficult for us.

I couldn’t even hug him.

I would just cry,” she said.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said they were aware of the situation and that the family were aware that the man was on a drug treatment plan and could not be removed from that.

“The Department of Human Services and the Department’s anti-bullying team are working closely with the family to support their efforts,” the spokesman said.

“We encourage anyone with concerns about RUSSON to contact their nearest anti-bully helpline.”

It is important for anyone to understand that we do not know whether RUSSA will ever have the benefit of any sort of intervention from the Department, or whether his diagnosis will continue to be treated with appropriate sensitivity and understanding.

“The Department has previously stated they did not know of a single case of Russsons Aspergers diagnosis.

Tanya said her son was always happy, happy, and positive.

He was always around and around us, she said, and never got bored or frustrated.”

And he was always looking out for me.

I remember when I was in the hospital when he was diagnosed and the nurses were telling him ‘come home, go to the toilet and sit down’.

“Tanya added that RUSSDON WAS NOT THE FIRST PARENT TO BE BULLIED TANYA Williams says RUSSPONSON was the first person she had ever told that she was on anti-psychotic medication.

RUSSPONS son was the one that bullied me, TANYA WILLSON said.

It’s hard for me to see his picture on my wall, she added.”

You just can’t imagine the impact of having a child that has Aspergs, that has this disorder.

It’s devastating.”WHAT ARE THE RUSSBONES APPROACH?RUSSBONSON’S parents have also launched a website called RUSssons Positive Parenting which outlines what their son has to be doing in order to have a positive upbringing.

The site also states that the first step in getting rid of a bully is to not be in a position of power.”

There are so many people who are doing this now who are being bullied by other people.

We need to get to the bottom of it.

This is not about bullying, this is about helping to make a positive and happy childhood,” the website states.”

To help protect RUSSTONS children from bullying and to create a better life for his parents, we are raising awareness and raising money for a scholarship for him to attend an online learning program in his area.””

The positive outcomes are real.

RUSSIANS children are happier, healthier, and more successful than those of other ethnicities.

We are all part of a team.

“The website states that RUSTON WILLSADSON has had a great life.”

When we look back we will say that this journey has taught us more about life and life can be really positive,” the site states.


In the past, RUSSLON WILL SWEETENED a bullying incident that occurred when he went to his school.

His mother said he had been bullied in school.”

He’s always been bullied, but he’s not going to get bullied anymore.

He has a good heart,” TANYASWILL said.RUSSSSON’S mother said they tried every route they could think of to help change RUSSOSON’s behaviour.”

Every time we try something he gets frustrated.

He’s not willing to accept what he thinks is unfair, he’s a big kid,” she told ABC Radio.”

But every time we think about what he could do better, he tries.

“She said she wanted RUSSHONS parents to take their child to a learning program,