How to set up a child’s Facebook account, how to block access to it, and how to protect yourself

Posted May 06, 2018 08:04:37A parent’s Facebook login can be a key to a childs privacy.

Facebook says that parents should set up their childrens accounts to limit their access to the site and the content they see, including “links to adult sites.”

Parents should also set up parental controls on their childs accounts, like blocking their access or allowing the user to edit their profiles.

Facebook doesn’t specify how parents should choose their children’s accounts, but it does tell parents to check their kids’ accounts to make sure they’re following their own rules.

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If your child is accessing Facebook without permission, there are a few things you can do to help protect them.

First, if you are worried your child might be accessing Facebook in an inappropriate way, try to get them to stop.

Parents can also contact Facebook to see if their child is being blocked or if they’re being blocked by their friends.

Parents may also try to reach out to a trusted trusted friend of the child to see what action they can take.

In this case, the trusted friend may be the parent.

You can find that friend in the Friends and Family section of Facebook’s Help Center.

The friend may also be able to provide you with more information about the situation.

If you can’t contact your child, you can try contacting your child’s school, teacher, or teacher assistant, and see if they can get them off Facebook.

If your child isn’t responding to your messages, the teacher or school can take action.

For more information on contacting teachers and school administrators, see our guide to contacting your local school or district.

If Facebook is blocking your child from your account, you might want to contact Facebook’s parent-focused team.

The parent-centered team is available 24/7 to parents.

They can also share more information and get answers to your questions.

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Parent access to Facebook isn’t just limited to Facebook.

You could also set your child up to share or delete content on other social networks, or even block their account altogether.

To block access, you’ll need to set your children’s settings up to block the content on all of their sites.

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