Elon Musk’s parents sued by his ex-wife’s parents

Elon Musk has sued his ex’s parents, accusing them of stealing millions from him and failing to provide for his two children.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, Musk’s attorneys accuse the ex-wives of the billionaire of failing to pay child support on their marriage contracts, despite the fact that Musk had paid for the children’s college tuition.

The lawsuit filed in California alleges the ex’s ex-husbands, who are named as the former wives and the ex husband, had not been paying child support to Musk since at least March 2015, the court documents say.

The suit also alleges that the ex husbands did not have adequate custody of their children, and that they did not support their children adequately.

The ex husband also did not provide for the ex wife’s child support payments, and he did not pay for the support of their child, according to the lawsuit.

In an interview with CNBC earlier this month, Musk said he would not pursue an inheritance dispute over the children.

Musk, the billionaire founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla, has been in legal trouble in the past with his ex wives, including ex-girlfriends of former girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who filed for divorce in January.

Hadid filed for a restraining order on Musk in February after he reportedly assaulted her at his home.

Hadida said Musk, who has been married to Hadid for five years, has assaulted her repeatedly and that he has threatened to “kill” her.

Musker has denied the allegations.