Which parents are really strict about strict parenting?

Strict parenting is a parenting philosophy that requires that children’s parents, grandparents, and other trusted family members behave in certain ways.

Strict parents, as opposed to “parent trap” parents, are more likely to be parents of very young children.

Parents with more than three children are more restrictive than those with fewer than two.

A parent with four children is more restrictive.

A single parent with a two-child family is more stringent than those without children.

A couple with two children is less restrictive than a single parent who has children of their own.

Parents who are less strict are more strict about discipline than parents who are more stringent.

A strict parent who is more strict with children has a greater likelihood of raising a child to be more strict.

Parents whose kids are in foster care or a group home are more conservative.

The parents who have children in foster or group homes have a greater risk of having a child with behavioral issues.

They are also more likely than other parents to be divorced.

Parents without children in the home are less likely to have a child who has behavioral problems.

Parents in foster homes or a care home have a higher risk of raising children who are severely behavioral issues and/or to be severely disruptive.

They also have a lower likelihood of being a parent to the children they have.

Parents from a mixed family are less inclined to have children with behavioral problems or severe behavioral issues or to be highly disruptive.

The same parents who raise the children of a single-parent family have a more difficult time raising the children in a mixed-parent home.

Parents are less able to control their children if they are raised in a family where they have siblings.

Parents of children with learning disabilities are more apt to be strict than parents of children without learning disabilities.

Parents raised in foster and group homes are more inclined to be stricter than parents raised in other settings.

Parents have a slightly lower risk of being raised in an intact family.

Parents born in the U.S. are less prone to have behavioral problems than other U.K. parents.

Parents living in the Netherlands are more prone to behavioral problems, but are less apt to have severe behavioral problems in the same way.

The results show that there are some things that parents can do to be less strict, which is consistent with the fact that strict parenting is associated with lower rates of behavior problems.

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