What Obama’s dad says about his family’s immigration policy

On Friday, President Barack Obama and his father, former president Joe Biden, sat down for a rare photo op in Washington.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Mr Obama said to his father.

“You’re a patriot,” Mr Biden replied.

It was the first photo opportunity the president has had with his father since the pair were first sworn in in 2009.

Mr Biden said his father was “always kind, caring, compassionate” and that he had been “a good friend for a long time”.

“He was always a very hard-working guy, he worked hard, he took care of me,” Mr Romney said, before saying: “We’ve known each other a long, long time.”

The president also thanked his mother, who has been in the White House for the past 20 years, for her work in helping his father to become the first African-American president.

“I want to thank my mother, because she made the difference,” Mr Trump said.

“She made the case to me.”

“You’ll never forget her, she was a very strong person.

I loved her.

She had a heart of gold, very beautiful heart.”

Mr Trump, who said his mother was “not a person who likes to be photographed, she wanted to be in the spotlight”, was followed by his wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka, and his brother-in-law Jared Kushner.

After the photo op, the president told reporters that his father had told him he would not be re-elected.

When asked if he would make the same decision in his final months in office, Mr Trump replied: “I’ll make a decision when I’m done with this.”

In a post-event interview with ABC News, Mr Biden, who is known for his sharp criticism of the president, said the former president’s “unbelievable success” as president made him feel “embarrassed and a little ashamed” of his former friend.

“I know the president’s got a good heart, but I don’t think it’s the heart of a man who wants to be president who has won every single time, he said.

Biden told reporters he was “very proud” of Mr Trump’s victory and said he would “always be a loyal servant” to the president.”

He’s done a lot of things for our country and I believe that he’s going to do a lot more for this country,” Biden said.”

The president’s a very smart man and I’m very proud to call him my brother- in-law.” ABC/wires