Which parents are in charge of the kamla harris and Amiri Smith families?

A day after her parents were arrested on suspicion of child abuse and attempted murder, Amiri’s mother was back in the news after she was accused of taking her son’s clothes off and threatening to kill him.

Amiri was 15 when his father died and her mother left him in the care of his mother and stepfather in 2014. 

The incident occurred in April of this year.

Amira’s father, Zane Smith, was arrested on Thursday, and her mom, Amira, was charged with attempted murder. 

Zane Smith’s mother, Lisa, is accused of having sex with her son before his death. 

Amiri’s father has been charged with attempting to kidnap his wife and then assaulting her, while his mother is charged with assaulting Amira. 

Her stepfather is accused in the assault. 

 Amira’s mother said the allegations against her were “ridiculous” on Friday, but her attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) In a statement, the Smiths said that they would not comment on the allegations and were working to “preserve the privacy of our children.”

“We are relieved to report that Amiri has not been harmed by this incident, but we are still awaiting further information,” the statement read.

“We are in the process of reaching out to the police and seeking further information to confirm the facts of this situation.

We have not received any formal charges from this investigation and will not comment further.” 

Amir is seen here at the home where he grew up. 

As for Amiri, his mom was released on $1 million bail Friday, with the judge noting that Amira is a “lovable and intelligent young man.”

Amira is also the second child of Amiri and Keshia Smith to be arrested in recent months. 

In January, Amir’s parents were charged with child abuse in the death of their 17-year-old son, Zayden Smith. 

Authorities later charged his mother with attempted rape. 

Amber Smith, Amirs mother, is the youngest of the two Smiths charged in the boy’s death.

Amir was a third child.