‘I can’t let my kids go’: Sen. Chris Menendez calls his sons’ mother’s comments about her daughters “absurd”

Manu Raju, CNN’s senior White House correspondent, reports from New Jersey.

Read MoreAbout Chris Meneses parents: Menesen’s parents have been criticized for calling his eldest daughter, Maria Menendez, a “pussy” and a “loser” in a Facebook post that was published on Wednesday.

Maria Menendez is the daughter of New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie and a New York City Council member.

In a Facebook posting Wednesday, the New Jersey senator and his wife said the women were “the worst” and “desperate” for a divorce.

They wrote: “If you are a woman who has been cheated on, abused, or threatened, you need to know that we are the worst.

If you are abused or harassed, you have to know the women you’re dealing with are the ones who deserve to suffer.”

The family later deleted the post, but the post resurfaced on Thursday.

A statement from Menendez’s office read: “Maria is one of the nicest, most loving and kind people I know.

The women she married are the best of the best.

She is a loving wife, mother, sister, and daughter.

They deserve a second chance.”

The comments come amid a string of accusations against Christie and his family, including allegations that the governor had paid prostitutes and accepted a $2 million loan to help finance his gubernatorial campaign.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order last month, temporarily preventing the governor from leaving office.